During a recent practice, the coach from the higher group coached our dryland, or the workout outside of the water. He was kind of intimidating at first, he would yell at people who would come late but he made jokes and was actually not that bad. But his dryland made everyone sore and people felt like they were dying. They were hard, it pushed everyone’s limits as this was a practice at the beginning of the season so everyone was out of shape. Everyone was huffing and puffing, trying to catch their breaths. He was relentless, I saw him run with another swimmer, around the age of twelve while we were doing suicides. (running to the end and back of a basketball court). He would encourage him yelling, “Beat him, run faster, don’t slow down just because you’re tired, get up and beat him.” While watching I was glad he wasn’t yelling at me because I felt like I was dying inside and the boy he was encouraging was going twice my own speed.


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