Election Day


The day has come. We are all scared at who the next president will be. According to many different rumors, these candidates are aliens, robots, unfit, and will destroy the country. Also many believe that if any of them become president, they will flee the country. I think this calls for a third candidate that will actually help America and not ruin it. And so I believe that the best candidate would be Vermin Supreme. He is a great choice. He is Charismatic and stoic. he also wants to give everybody ponies. this man is the ideal leader for the united states of america. He is by far the lesser of the evils compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Their policies are okay but their followers are scary as they can be radical and over the top. But this does not apply for the Vermin Supreme. His fans love him and also fully support and understand him. Sadly, due to his attire and also his policies, he’s only seen as a joke. He wears a boot on his head and in previous elections, he sprinkled glitter. He is only known for his crazy policies and also his attire, he has low popularity and also low probability of  winning the election.


His luscious beard would have surely lead this country to greatness, but alas, the iron has already been cast and its mold is Donald Trump. Many were sad, many were glad, and many thought it was not all that bad. Obviously many must of heard of all the protests that have occurred due the so-called atrocity by the name of Donald Trump. we can at least look forward just a bit because although the stock marked plummeted, later that day, they rocketed to an unprecedented level. And although I do not really care who is the figurehead of the country, I do hope that they do not lead this country to become a flaming pile of trash and our nation, attacked by foreign nations, be destroyed due to bad relations. I hope people pray to their gods, and their prayers of having a peaceful 4 or 8 years under this man, to reach the ears of these gods. If not R.I.P. in peace America. maybe move to Canada?


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