Exercise. Nobody likes it that much, but its necessary for a healthy life. Its tiring, exhausting, and is time consuming. But an upside is that after you exercise, you are unnoticeably more toned than before and also have a bad odor because of the sweat. most people don’t want to exercise so they just diet by starving their body of necessary nutrients because “I’m too fat.” But seriously, everyone should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Don’t be a couch potato. Do something. Go outside in the sun, talk to people so that you don’t become socially deprived. Maybe eat some cooked food and not that unhealthy processed foods like junk food and frozen food. And while your out, go to the park with your family or yourself and just copy what the people in the picture above. Maybe you’ll be happy just like them, probably you won’t, but still do it. if your a couch potato, then you’ll experience atrophy, you’ll get early-onset osteoporosis, your back will hunch, and you will be crushed to the ground because of gravity. Maybe the aforementioned situations won’t happen but stay in shape and get swole.


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