it is Human Nature to do or the actions that benefit ourselves the most in the short term. we do actions that bring us the most benefit. it has been trained for many years, an example would be the cave men. At this time, man’s thoughts weren’t very developed, they acted based on instinct. they would hunt and use everything to the most they could. it was until later that it would be more efficient to grow and take care of the their own plants and animals. sometimes that instinct of short-term benefits override that of long-term benefits. Such an example could be seen in The Crucible. Many people took the route for the short benefits such as the children, putnum, and basically almost everyone in the play. it can mostly be seen in the beginning where the girls are pretending to be sick and it backfires. then when abigal tries too woo john and it backfires too. also when putnum kills off almost half the town for their land. We all know that due to these action, a lot of people were killed, for greed. so when you do something pretty big, just think about the repercussions.


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