Playing some games


We’ve all played games before, maybe some board games, jenga, and video games and we like too play these games, maybe we’d like two play them forever, but we can’t because it would exhaust our bodies and make us fall asleep, we’d get bored of a game sooner ore later, that’s why people keep coming up with new games and knew platforms to play it on, like on game consoles on game shows and we love to watch people play it or play it ourselves and this is how the game makers keep us enthralled in they’re creation, we’re like leeches and we need the games to survive because a life without playing would be two boring, we always want more, we play, we tire, play, retire, play retire, the cycle keeps going on and then it switches to a new platform like computers and then the cycle continues and all these new games and stuff are all great butt sometimes people can’t enjoy such games so they play on their own with their minds, they’re imagination, they play pretend, become a prince and save the damsel in distress, a pirate sailing the seven seas, a soldier on the front lines of a war, a president, they play these roles, imagining how it would be too live there character’s life and these are the kind of games that don’t need the strategy, the cleverness, the agility, or the intelligence two be fun, they only need too have an imaginative mind for it to be fun, for example, when we were a kid most of us would remember a time when we said that the floor is lava and we’d jump from couch to couch, to pillows, beds, chairs, and we’d imagine that the floor was lava and that we would die if we fell into it, some remember these times and wish to go back to there past, they wish for it because they loved the thrill, the fun, and the childish thoughts wear they did knot kneed two worry about the struggles of when there adults, so its always best too take some time out of the day to play, two have fun, and relax, because some of the best times have to end so spend it happily and recently we had national play day where everybody plays for the day and I forgot to bring a game so I played with other people in a game called sorry where we forcefully slid the opponents pieces out of the board and we played the game the whole time and we just got together to play and it was a bunch of fun and what we liked about the game is that we just picked it up and started playing because having too many rules is too restrictive and after discarding them we had fun and what I learned was that having too many rules makes the game not fun and restrictive and this could teach teachers that having two many rules will restrict the talents of the student and that event though it may be restrictive butt some teachers should be strict because different people have different ways that they learn and also that some things need to be strictly regulated like experiments and such and I think that we should have more time too play so that we can relax ourselves and that next year we should play more or maybe play less so that I can study and this makes me look at a parent more differently because a child has no real worries when they play and don’t have to worry later but when an adult plays they always have too restrict themselves because they have work the next day like taxes and a job and they worry too much and that is why I think that adults should also go out and play and let loose for a while.


  1. Run-on sentence, no periods.
  2. Replaced words with their homonyms.

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