We all give some of these. They’re something that everybody makes in the lives, promises. Small or big, they happen throughout people’s lives. But the problem with them is that some are made and not kept and people break them. This causes them to devalue and seem cheap, brittle, and unnecessary. When I was promised something, I looked forward to it, I was excited, I was thrilled, yet when the person could not go through with their promise, I was utterly disappointed. Were promises supposed to be this cheap, so insignificant, that people no longer care about the promises they make? What caused this problem was probably human arrogance. They sit upon their high horse, thinking that they can take on anything so they say yes to almost anything and believe that they can handle it all. This problem does not go away because people are always young and when they are teenagers, they believe they are like superman where they are powerful and capable of almost anything. Like weather reporters. They promise that there will be rain, thunder an lightning. But when its time, no such thing happens, it’s like the exact opposite of what they say would happen, happened.



But what’s really big right now are hypocrites. They say one thing and do the exact opposite. It’s like a politician telling people to not lie or a person telling others that killing someone is bad and then afterwards, kills someone. These types of people exist all over the world. Even the government does it. In the past some presidents did it. Abraham Lincoln, for example, his platform said that he was not for the abolition of slavery, yet during his presidency, slavery was abolished. People that break promises and hypocrites are very similar. Some believe that they are better than others so they can go against what they say and that they are also people who are not to be trusted. They might just turn on you, like bitten people in zombie movies or like Brutus and Caesar, with a knife in Caesar’s back.


An obvious solution to this problem would be to monitor your words or think about what say. This would immediately lower most of the unintellectual or offensive things that comes out of people’s mouths. Also recognizing that some tasks are too hard and that its better to not bite off more than you can chew. If people thought of what to say before they talked, the world would probably be in a better place as there are so many fights that happen due to people just spouting stuff and starting fights. To solve weather report problems, people can just choose to believe or not believe what these meteorologists say as the weather is constantly changing or just prepare for the worst.

Promise breakers, meteorologists, and hypocrites, the thing they all have in common is that most people are skeptical about what they say. It’s best if this continues as we never know what’s the truth and its always good to have some skepticism to people that shouldn’t be trusted. But what we should really be wary of are the politicians that control the government. In a sense, they are the presidents puppet handler. These politicians are even worse than some of the before mentioned people, using words turning black to white, always flipping sides.


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